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Bob and Dianne Evans Property
 Caldwell  Idaho
                Sold Full Price

We live in Caldwell Idaho  30 Miles north of Boise On Canyon Hill   1.1 acre single dwelling 2,350 Home
 Hard wood floors Travernting counter tops 4 bed  all fenced in 
 Water fall Permanent RV with Decks  Sun Room   Brew House. Zoned for Horse , Cow  can have 10 chickins
I raised 100 Pheasents and 100 Chuckers Has incubating room and had 10 chickins

295,000  ( Firm  As Is )    3%  For Buyer Agent  

  /     208- 371-7757      /     bob3717757@aol.com

 Custom Brewery   BobaneroBrew.  /  Equipment Tables, Ect.  Negotiable, Seperate from home sale
Or a Great Canning Room

 2  Shops,   or 1 shop  and horse  barn or 22 x 22 shop  metal Roof  3 Decks Included a upper deck above shop for sunsets .

House ,2300 SF Hard Wood Floors, Traverting Counter Tops in kitchen,  .Natural Gas Stove /Oven .  Also electric oven.

4 Bedroom 2 bath   400 ft Office  Then 40 Ft  full Service  2 Tip Outs  Teton, Fith Wheel Attached to large deck ,

Has Sun room , Natural Gas Heat,  Remote Air.  220 V full hook up , also great water preasure

Barn and Tac Room

24' x 24'

  Zoned for Horse  Has Barn  and Tac room

Lots of room to Park and setup a 5th wheel

Just in case you need to know  Spring is here 
The buds on our Cherry- Apricot tree and  a Elm trees

Click Photos   Spring is here  It: s jan 24  2019  today
That are putting on spring Growth

Good morning it's April 4th 2019 Spring is here 
I just mowed and fertilized my Back lawn  and mowed my front yard

Zestimate range  $278,000 - $331,000  And They don"t no I have a brewery in back and horse Barn

 Remember  we are not in a hurry!   Enjoying another summer by
our water fall, off deck in our back yard  

Front yard springing back to life April 4 taken

Cherry Tree  Elm Tree   Apricot tree

Blooming Aprcott Tree March 29

Spring is comming
So We hope you will see the photos
 below and see it won't be long and back to beauty 
                       Summer Time is comming   

     My Hop Garden  Soon it will be an  arch  4/3 19

Like this

The property is zoned for a horse or cow  and It has a barn / shop  Metal roof 22'  22'
 You could easley put a 50ft by 45ft garden   I use to have 10 chickins   100 Pheasant's  100 churckers  and rabbits

 All buildings in back have wood  fondations -  Non Permited  

                                                                               Why buy this Property?  Perfect  If you have a large family  lots of relitives

A - 4 bedroom House 2300SF, 2 Bath.  / Heating is /  Fireplace Living Room - Woodstove Dinning room - Oil heat under home with Central Air. works great.
        Full sized Natural Gas heating system in attic. / and a Motel styled  220  Volt Wall heater and Air in Guest Bedroom. Or Eldery  Parent  Room. 
                       There is a Huge Maple Tree with deck under it  right out back door of house

B - 40 ft Fithwheel Teton exl shape  it has a Natural gas  Fireplace and Electric Air conditioner. Has upper bed room and pull out bed in living room. also is conected to sewer line
        has a sunroom attached then you step out on to a large Deck with a Waterfall 12ft high with a 1300 gal water base. 130 gal min water fall per pump  2 pumps.

C- Brewey has Natural gas heater Gas cooking stove and 220V oven fridge , Bathroom and shower, another room for kegs and stuff  then main Brew kitchen  supply your own Beer making Equipment
       This could be converted in to a little bedroom apt  REMEMBER  this is a one dwelling property  Not a property that you can have rentals,  without rezoning,  But great for a large family 

D - 2 shops  dirt floors,  all roofed  and lots of working space. Property has Flood irrigation,  Except  I have a 1,000 gal barral for the water with a 2 horse pump  for the sprinklers
         Beautiful English Walnut tree  also has framed in  chicken pens   Needs chicken wire repair  / also a Smoke house building  with Natural gas and 220 Vt

E -   Great Neighbors   House to right on 1 acre   house on left  1 acre  next house over 4 acres  

                                                                                        Living Here  " you can go on vacacation and never leave the Farm "  Did I mention Trees   "Yes  "Trees  "Trees 
Grapes,  Concord   Thomsom Seedless  Wild Grapes    ?       Cherry tree, Crabapple,  Plum .
                                                                                                     You are only 3 min away from Freeway entrance   8 min away from Cosco, Mall   Home Depo
                                                                                                                                 Its 4 block from freeway entery  Flying J and 1/2 mile in to caldwell

     Spring March 28       
  Click photo
Front  Office windows to right Side Parking
  front View  Street Office 400SF { permited}
Main Bath Main Bath

Bed Room Bed Room Bed Room
Bed Room Bath room off Bed room
Bed Room
   Bigger Photo
Living Room Dinning Room Kitchen  Gas stove and oven  / also  Elect oven /  Dishwasher / Deposal
Back Yard Back Maple Tree Deck Back Yard
 Garden Spot 45x50' Had one in the past 1 shops  Roofed  and Dry and another
Shop or Horse barn 22 ft by 22Ft 

other shop  800 sq ft +
Lots to Mow
Brew House  out back Sweet lots of windows Brew Kitchen It has 220 Stove and Natural Gas heater
 also washer and Dryer Bathroom / Shower
Growing Hops Its almost ready
40 Ft Teton RV attached to deck Permanent    waterfall to right Water Fall off deck Sun Room off 5th wheel
Kitchen  Inside Teton Upper Sunset Deck   Shop underneath  22 x 22 Ft
Bob   208-371-7757
Fire Place Living Room Wood Stove Dinning Room Full Heating System 3 years old  Natural Gas
 Then in Guest bed room we have a Wall Heater and air
 Super Great for your Guest or Eldery folks, and it does
 a great job


We have a Oil heating furrence under house in great
 condition with

 200 gal oil tank . includes
 forced air conditioning .

This is my smoke House Heat source for Smoking 
Large jerkey cooker  and a smaller oven for birds It's heat sorse is a all steal Wood stove outside building and I draw the smoke into oven with fans  no FLAME touches meat.  Has1 Fridge and
Natural gas stove   has 220 power
Some Jerkey we make It has a Smoke oven inside that does
32 linyal Ft of meat at a time
Water Fall off Deck
  2 HP Pump
Water Fall with Lights
Irrigation Tank 1,000 
I pump from this to water yard  2 HP pump
Back yard
Small Porch off Back Guest Bed Room   Miscellaneous Photos Miscellaneous Photos
Miscellaneous Photos Miscellaneous Photos Smoke House  Tables  Bullet proof glass
3/12 w 7ft long 1 inch thick
large shop   12 x 14 Other side  of shop 12x14 Shop or horse barn 22x22 all metal Roof
Man who has no huge trees on his new House 
 must wait 10 years to enjoy shade  un less he buys an Umbrella

Outside shop Metal shop building inside  10x 14 6 1/2 high
Entrance to back yard from front Drive
  Gravel  clear to shop    fire pit  way back there
Fire Pit 8 ft. across 2 ft. deep perfect for limbs and  debris  Ready to burn
Then when your done burning and it has cooled
 you can clean out pit

 and roll around back to shed till you need again
Starting to Burn Debris That was easy   when it out 
Clean  and roll out to the back out of site
Our Trees  Trees Trees  Wall nut
Tomatos  Concord Grapes Now  that's what I call watering the garden
Trees Trees Trees
 Has Pear Tree  
Crab Apple tree and Apricot Trees  Cherry Tree

Resident Birds
Trees   Trees I say Lots of trees
Yellow Sweet Heart here Baby
Here I'am Hungry I will B back

Mmosa tree

 Headed back to back deck
 it's barbeque time  

Smoke Tree
  Barbeque     No Charcoal on our Rib eyes steaks  
Bird houses mommy  hungry viwe from lower deck Mom " Dad  Were Hungry
Early bird I have a feather for my nest Any body  want to come over for lunch

 Humming Bird  Off the Back Deck

 Am I Beautiful or not
Bob   208-371-7757          bob3717757@aol.com

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Now thats a table for a king  Nice dinning room
Wow"  I could Park a Semi their to right Bathing in water fall Time for a brew
Guard dogs
Resident   ----  Every year  she comes back  Thanks for stopping by Bobs Paradise   I just came by for a brew  Ace of Spades Killer Dark IPA
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Mother comes back
There is my baby Boy

Frog in waterfall

 Good Morning

Thoes are Hot I bet you

 Pond Winter
Baby Humming Bird

 Water fall Winter Runs Year Round

Robert  208-371-7757

 Pond Winter Night


More winter look

March Yard  Come on Spriiiiiiing
  New arivial  just landed 3/ 21  A  Turky Volture        Idaho Bird
   Maybe passing through  Thanks for stopping by